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In Jebel Ali, establishing an offshore business is a challenging procedure. To make the procedure go more quickly and smoothly, a professional helping hand is required. Hashtag Startup provides the best cost-effective and efficient consultancy services in the UAE. We support you throughout the entire business process, from preparation to registration, and approval to efficient operation.

A legal business entity known as an “offshore company” is one that was formed with the goal of conducting business somewhere other than its registration jurisdiction or the place of its ultimate ownership. In order to establish an offshore company in JAFZA, there must be at least one shareholder. The maximum number of shareholders for this formation type is unrestricted. An individual (person), a legal entity (such as a company), or a mix of both, can be a shareholder.

Only a certificate of formation is given to an offshore JAFZA company, instead of a business permit. This means that the offshore corporation is unable to engage in any business dealings with individuals in the United Arab Emirates. Hence, choosing a registered agent is the first step in forming an offshore business in JAFZA. All administrative tasks connected to dealings with JAFZA shall be the registered agent’s responsibility.

At Hashtag Startup, we are a group of auditors, attorneys, and company secretaries dedicated to providing firms in the UAE with time-bound solutions. In addition to helping businesses get off the ground at the cheapest possible rates, we also support their ongoing operations by doing routine audits and any required renewals.

Benefits of forming a company in Jebel Ai offshore

  • No corporate or income taxes
  • Repatriation of profits in full
  • Without residing in the UAE, offshore businesses are permitted to acquire real estate there.
  • Shareholders may own shares in UAE LLCs and free-trade zones.
  • An offshore company’s owner is permitted to conduct business in Middle Eastern nations outside of the UAE.
  • The company’s capital requirements have no minimum cap.


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