Dubai Mainland

Dubai Mainland is the perfect location for businesses looking to establish themselves in the United Arab Emirates. With its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and business-friendly environment, Dubai Mainland offers a range of benefits for companies of all sizes and industries. With the help of a professional in company registration in Dubai like Hashtag Startup, establishing a mainland firm in Dubai is becoming increasingly simple.

Complete foreign ownership of a mainland company was previously impossible as of June 1, 2021, but with the recent modifications to the UAE Commercial Companies Law, more than 2000 commercial and industrial business operations are now available for 100% corporate ownership under a mainland license.

One of the main benefits of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is access to a large and diverse market. As a major hub for trade and commerce in the Middle East, Dubai mainland offers businesses the opportunity to tap into a market of over 2 billion consumers in the surrounding region. It is no longer necessary to appoint a local service agent to register professional licenses, foreign company branches, free zone establishments, and sole proprietorship businesses.

Another benefit of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is the availability of world-class infrastructure. From modern transportation networks to state-of-the-art technology, businesses in Dubai Mainland have access to the resources they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

Other benefits of forming a company onshore in Dubai are:

  • Dubai Mainland offers a business-friendly environment with a range of incentives and support programs designed to help companies succeed. This includes tax exemptions, free zones, and a variety of government services designed to make it easy for businesses to set up and operate in Dubai mainland.
  • This mainland provides a good standard of living for employees and their families, with high-quality education and healthcare facilities, a wide range of recreational and cultural activities, and a diverse and welcoming community.
  • The owner of a mainland license is free to work with UAE mainland businesses, clients in the area, and/or governmental organizations. The latter undoubtedly enhances your company’s standing and reputation both domestically and abroad.
  • There are no restrictions on where a business can be located as long as it is onshore and in the emirate where the license is issued.
  • The licensee’s ability to conduct business abroad and broaden its presence globally is made possible by the Dubai mainland business license.
  • If you have the necessary warehouse or office space—typically 100 square feet per visa—you can expand your staff by filing for an unlimited number of visas with a mainland business license in Dubai. The best aspect is that by recruiting remote workers, you can work out a deal with Dubai DED regarding the need to rent more office space.
  • If branch expansion is a primary objective of your start-up, a Dubai DED license is your best option because it offers you the freedom to expand your company’s branches to other areas of Dubai and throughout the UAE.
  • A Dubai onshore structure gives your company a lot more room to grow. Compared to free zone equivalents, the administrative process is easier, quicker, and less constrained with a Dubai mainland license.


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