Commercial License in UAE

Commercial license in the UAE

Businesses that engage in commercial activities are required to obtain a commercial license in the UAE. This includes companies involved in trading, manufacturing, and other types of business that produce or sell goods and services – which covers the majority of businesses in the UAE. Consequently, this makes the commercial trade license in Dubai the most common trade license out of the lot. Our team of experts at Hashtag Startup helped multiple companies in acquiring a commercial trade license in Dubai.

In Dubai, a commercial license is a permit issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) that allows a business to operate commercially in the city. The DED is responsible for regulating and promoting economic activity in Dubai, for which the commercial license is an important aspect.

To obtain a commercial license in Dubai, a business must first select a business activity from the DED’s list of approved activities and choose a legal structure for the business. The business must then meet certain requirements, such as obtaining necessary approvals and permits from relevant government agencies and obtaining liability insurance. Once the business has met these requirements and has completed the necessary paperwork, it can apply for a commercial license from the DED. The DED will review the application and, if approved, will issue the business a commercial license.

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The process of obtaining a commercial trade license in Dubai can vary according to the type of business set-up you’re going for! Private enterprise licenses in the UAE for free zone businesses have certain perks that mainland businesses do not have – such as easy processing and tax exemptions.

This license is valid for a specific period and must be renewed periodically to remain valid, and our team will still be with you during the renewal process of your commercial licence in Dubai. It is important to note that certain business activities may be restricted or prohibited in Dubai, and the DED has the authority to refuse to issue a commercial license for these activities. It is also important to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations to maintain a valid commercial license in Dubai.

Documents needed for renewal of commercial trade licence in Dubai

  • Original license
  • Copy of registered lease agreement
  • Needed authority approvals
  • Staff accommodation details (for foreign shareholder companies)

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