Fujairah Freezones

Due to its combination of important shipping routes, strong connectivity to ports and airports, strategic geographic location, and simplified legal processes, Fujairah Free Zone is a desirable site to establish a business in the United Arab Emirates.

The Fujairah Free Zone, which is strategically situated on the UAE’s east coast, was established with the goal of giving investors the ACE (Accessibility, Connectivity, and Economy) triple advantage. Businesses established here have easy access by weekly feeder vessels to all ports in the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea, Iran, India, and Pakistan.

The Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ), which is close to the Fujairah Sea Port and Fujairah International Airport, provides both established businesses and prospective entrepreneurs with unequalled prospects, including cheaper tariffs and quicker start-up times. The business-friendly laws of the Fujairah Free Zone continue to be vital. According to official regulations, the Fujairah free zone corporation is exempt from paying import or export taxes on finished goods, industrial machinery, and raw materials.

Along with the common benefits shared by the other free zones within the country, another advantage of Fujairah free zones is its location. Fujairah is the only emirate of UAE located on the Eastern coast, which gives it a strategic location, with access to the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean, making it an ideal location for businesses in the oil & gas, and maritime sectors.

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