Abu Dhabi Freezones

Are you considering setting up your company in Abu Dhabi freezones? We will help you!

Hashtag Startup specialises in helping businesses of all sizes navigate the process of setting up a company in one of Abu Dhabi’s many freezones. These special economic zones offer a variety of benefits to companies looking to establish a presence in the United Arab Emirates.

One of the main benefits of setting up in a freezone is the 100% foreign ownership allowed. As a foreign investor, you can fully own your business and have complete control over its operations. Additionally, freezones offer competitive tax incentives, including exemptions from corporate and personal income taxes.

Another advantage of freezones is the streamlined process for company formation. The regulations and requirements are often less burdensome than those for setting up a business in the mainland of Abu Dhabi. With our consultancy services, we can guide you through the process and help ensure that your business is set up correctly and efficiently.

Other benefits of forming a business in Abu Dhabi’s free zones:

  • All-round administration services
  • Fast and efficient cargo clearance services
  • International freight forwarders and logistics services
  • Online customer service
  • Land with easy access to the airport tarmac
  • On-site customs inspection
  • 24 hours access to the facility


In addition to these benefits, Abu Dhabi’s freezones offer access to a range of networking and business development opportunities. These zones are often home to a diverse community of businesses from around the world, providing opportunities for collaboration and growth.

If you’re interested in setting up your business in Abu Dhabi, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about the benefits and costs of business formation in Abu Dhabi’s freezones and how we can assist you in establishing a presence in the UAE.

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